Laparoscopic Surgery Training for Nurses

Course Description

The use of laparoscopic surgery in gynaecology has steadily increased over the last few decades. With the advancement of this form of surgery there have been a number of new devices and techniques that have been introduced into the operating theatres.

The laparoscopic-specific requirements of patient positioning, equipment set up and intraoperative assistance with different laparoscopic products, makes laparoscopic surgery “team” dependent. Success and positive outcomes are closely linked to the training and experience of the surgical team. Thus, this highly practical training course was designed to enable participants acquire the requisite knowledge and skills needed to understand the equipment used and gain some experience in performing laparoscopic surgical techniques, techniques of maintenance and sterilization of laparoscopic instruments.

Course Objectives

The course is aimed at improving participants knowledge on indications of laparoscopic surgery, minimizing laparoscopic complications, laparoscopic postoperative care and laparoscopic pre-operative preparation. Participants will also gain techniques of maintenance and sterilization of laparoscopic Instruments.

Intended Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course it is expected that each participant will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate requisite knowledge on indications of laparoscopic surgery and its practical application.
  2. Demonstrate techniques of maintenance and sterilization of laparoscopic instruments.
  3. Identify the role of the nurse within the medical staff in order to improve the knowledge and skill of Minimal Access Surgery.
  4. Demonstrate knowledge of minimizing laparoscopic complications, laparoscopic pre-operative preparation and laparoscopic post-operative care.

Target Audience

This course is designed for the Operating Room Technician, Scrub Nurses working in conventional operation theatre, Occupational health nurses, Surgical therapists and experienced Operation Theatre Staff

Course Duration

This 3-day, clinically oriented, interactive, hands-on training course offers advanced lectures complemented hands-on activities and discussion with experts.

Teaching Format

  1. Interactive theoretical and video sessions between Faculty and course participants
  2. Case presentations and interactive group discussion with experts.
  3. Live operative and pre-recorded video demonstrations