We Offer the Following Services

What We Do

Education and Training

The School partners with top faculty and experts in Uganda and beyond to develop and deliver training programmes specifically designed to meet the needs and goals of organizations or specialists, postgraduate and graduates wanting to start out or improve their knowledge and competencies in the field of fertility medicine and Endoscopic Surgery.

Training programs are organised in a flexible and learner-centred delivered using online, blended and full-time teaching methods.

Cutting-edge hands-on training and support are delivered in our facilities to organizations or individuals.

We invite you to explore our current course offerings to find your area of interests.


We are involved in basic and clinical research projects in collaboration with our partner institutions of higher learning within and outside Uganda.

We have a strong interest in the development and evaluation of novel infertility treatments, sperm DNA integrity, chromosome abnormality in sperm, oocyte and embryos, and the molecular mechanisms underlying the activation of oocytes by sperm at the time of fertilization.


IVF Lab and Endoscopy Unit Set-up

SISFM is committed to the to the spread and development of ART services and gynecological endoscopic surgery expertise in Uganda and beyond. As a result, we will be able to assist Clinics and Hospitals in Building their Andrology and Embryology Labs; and endoscopic units especially in the following areas:

  • Equipment purchase and set-up
  • Staff Training
  • Participate in the clinic’s compliance/regulations
  • Development of policy manual, safety manual and quality assurance framework.
  • Quality control management, quality assurance, laboratory statistics
  • Laboratory trouble shooting, Quality improvement
  • Optimization of pregnancy outcomes through excellent laboratory practices

Consultancy Services

We provide the following consulting services to organizations and individuals;

  • Educational consultation with the planning, developing and delivery of continuing professional education activities.
  • Advise assisted reproduction units to improve their success rates.
  • Technical advice and problem-solving and Quality Control
  • Performance consulting
  • Design of assisted reproduction units

Interested in our services now?

You are welcome to visit our facility at a mutually convenient time. We would be happy to give you a tour of our center