Advanced Certificate Course in Diagnostic and Operative Hysteroscopy

Hysteroscopic surgery is pivotal in management of many gynecological pathologies. The skills required for performing hysteroscopic surgery such as transcervical hysteroscopic endometrial resection, hysteroscopic polypectomy and myomectomy in the management of menorrhagia, hysteroscopic septulysis in fertility-related gynecological problems and hysteroscopic removal of chronically retained products of conception and excision of intramural ectopic pregnancy ought to be practiced by contemporary gynecological surgeons in their day-to-day clinical practice.

The design of this intensive hysteroscopy course covers a range of theoretical and practical demonstrations of both diagnostic and operative hysteroscopic procedures and new technologies. Special emphasis would be laid on instrumentation, role of hysteroscopy in infertility together with prevention and management of complications. The course will enable the participants to develop sound clinical knowledge, gain confidence and improve their future medical practice in hysteroscopy procedures.

Course Duration

This 3-day, clinically oriented, interactive, hands-on training course offers advanced lectures complemented hands-on activities and discussion with experts.

Course Package Fee

The course is $700. The fee includes course admission fee, all the necessary material for the course, lunches, coffee-breaks, social dinner and certificate of attendance.

CME Credits: 21.0.