Master of Medical Sciences in Clinical Embryology and Assisted Reproduction

The curriculum for the Assisted Reproduction and Clinical Embryology Master’s Program offers progression from the Postgraduate Diploma Programme. The programme is designed to provide graduate students, scientists and clinicians with highly advanced theoretical and practical understanding of human reproductive biology, embryology, infertility and assisted reproductive technology (ART) along with intensive hands-on practical training in essential laboratory skills required to competently handle human ART laboratory. Another aspect of the program is to impart best practices for the ART laboratory with special emphasis on design, workflow, quality control and assurance, and current regulations.

The pro­fes­sio­nal out­put for gra­dua­tes of this programme is that of cli­ni­cal em­br­yo­lo­gist or spe­cia­list in the la­bo­ra­tory of human re­pro­duc­tion and gain a greater understanding of research applications within the field of reproductive or developmental biology. Upon completion these students can undertake employment as a clinical embryologist in diverse field of reproductive medicine.