Postgraduate Diploma in Assisted Reproduction and Clinical Embryology

The emergence of several new assisted reproduction techniques in recent years and new advances in biomedical knowledge of events in reproduction processes make it evident that there is a need to create permanent continuing education programmes for professionals in this field. The programme in Assisted Reproduction and Clinical Embryology is designed to appeal to recent medical graduates and other health professionals in biomedical sciences, biochemistry and pharmacy seeking career advancement in assisted reproductive technology (ART), reproduction research or clinical embryology.

The programme will enhance the students’ depth of knowledge and understanding of: the fundamental scientific theory of cell and molecular biology in relation to human reproduction, fertility, andrology and embryology; the practices and genetic and epigenetic concepts and consequences of micromanipulation techniques and genetic screening through pre-implantation genetic diagnosis and screening; advances in cryobiology and its application to gamete, embryo and fertility preservation; as well as the ethical and legal issues related to clinical embryology and assisted reproduction technology in humans. The students will receive training in specialist laboratory techniques associated with the practices of clinical embryology and the new and emerging technologies of assisted reproduction that are used to treat human infertility.