Advanced Certificate Course in Controlled Ovarian Stimulation for IVF/ICSI

Course Description

The major goals of IVF therapy are to obtain multiple fertilizable oocytes of good quality; to establish a single, healthy (euploid) pregnancy following embryo transfer to the uterine cavity; and to cryopreserve excess embryos of good quality to optimize the total reproductive potential.  Success rates following IVF treatment have increased significantly since the early days, mainly contributed by the introduction and use of ovarian stimulation. Controlled ovarian stimulation (COS) now plays a major role in optimizing IVF outcomes by facilitating control of the various aspects of the process and increasing the number of oocytes to optimize outcomes.

The aim of this course is to critically assess the current COH protocols via a selected review and discussion of the available literature, and to lay out ideal outcomes desired by patients, embryologists, clinicians following ART and fine-tuned, individualized approaches towards attaining these goals.

Course Objectives

This course is designed to deliver up to date information on the current protocols for the management of controlled ovarian stimulation in assisted reproduction technology, using tools such as response prediction, patient profile, choice of stimulation drug, and knowledge of the physiology of folliculogenesis.

Intended Learning Outcomes

After attending this course, participants will understand:

  1. The range of factors in ovarian stimulation, how basic ovarian physiology is related to the objective of effective, safe and cost-efficient ART;
  2. how to personalize treatments and counsel patients with predicted poor and excessive ovarian response from ovarian stimulation and throughout the luteal phase;
  3. the individualization of COS treatment such that it is tailored to the recovery of a synchronous cohort of mature oocytes;
  4. the prevention of potential complications; and
  5. the optimization of the total reproductive potential by use of embryo cryopreservation technology.

Target Audience

This course is designed for clinicians, reproductive endocrinologists, reproductive medicine specialists, nurses, paramedics in reproductive medicine, embryologists, IVF lab technicians. fertility treatment specialists, gynecologists, and scientists working in assisted reproductive medicine, who want to acquire up-to date information for improving their current practice.

Course Duration

This 3-day, clinically oriented, interactive, hands-on training course offers advanced lectures complemented hands-on activities and discussion with experts.

Course Package Fee: The course is $300.