Master of Medical Sciences in Sexual and Reproductive Medicine

Reproductive medicine is an expanding field. It is at the forefront of emerging medico-scientific technology offering hope to many needy couples, and career opportunities to those with demonstrable skills and knowledge. Increasing numbers of medical practitioners are developing special interests in this area – particularly family planning practitioners and specialist gynaecologists working in menopause and infertility. In addition, there are similar specialisations emerging in nursing and counselling, and amongst biological scientists. Thus, the management of sub-fertile couples and the development of assisted reproductive techniques (ART) needs a multidisciplinary approach and requires specialist training in several diverse disciplines such as in endocrinology, andrology, reproductive surgery, reproductive biology, genetics, early pregnancy complications, ultrasound imaging and psychology of both partners.

The Sexual and Reproductive Medicine Masters course offers progression from the Postgraduate Diploma for individuals who are interested to gain an advanced education and practical training within the context of a medical issue that affects one in six couples wishing to start a family. The curriculum is rigorous and consists of focused reproductive science courses, laboratory instruction, and professional development to provide students with academic and research skills that are used in academia and the clinic and how these can be applied to the development of new therapies.