Postgraduate Diploma in Sexual and Reproductive Medicine

Globally, the challenges of sexual and reproductive health including HIV/STIs, infertility, and unintended pregnancy continue to be a significant public health issue. With a dramatic increase in the demand for fertility services and IVF treatment in the hands of the specialist, there is an increasing need for knowledge in the treatment and management of fertility issues at primary care level. Comprehensive prevention and treatment of sexual and reproductive health issues requires a thorough understanding of the psychosocial contexts in which they occur as well as the biological and diagnostic aspects of sexual and reproductive health and wellbeing.

The postgraduate diploma program in sexual and reproductive medicine is designed to provide a diverse and inter-professional curriculum suitable for family planning practitioners, specialist gynaecologists working in menopause and infertility, nurses, physicians and pharmacists interested in in sexual and reproduction medicine. The programme provides a broad theoretical understanding of, and practical training in, the applications of reproductive biology to current clinical human, assisted reproduction and conservation, and consideration of the social and ethical issues raised by the use of these techniques. The course also provides the opportunity for those currently interested in reproductive sciences to update their knowledge and experience research by participating in a minor research project. Students who complete the requirements for the graduate diploma may be eligible to enroll in the Masters programme to further explore areas of interest.